Timeless Coffee Table Books

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I sound like a broken record, but this is my truth: coffee table books add personality to a room. They tell stories of places we’ve traveled to our most coveted design inspiration. Coffee table books are super versatile and add dimension and height to any surface. Feeling like your dresser or side table is missing that certain jenesaisquoi? Add a stack of books and a fresh bloom and you’ll find it adds character.

I remember as a little girl I would go to my grandmother’s house, who had impeccable taste, and I would flip through all of her books. I was so fascinated by her style and I would imagine her looking through the library and perfectly curating her collection. To this day, she continues to inspire me by her legacy. I try to honor her by keeping many stylish stacks of books around the house.

What are some of your favorite coffee table books? Are you a fan of the classics or do you mix it up with trendier texts?

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