Modern Coastal Entry

Hi Y’all!

I’ve decided to start a little series on Brieske Abode where I share inspirational design boards that I’ve created! I love getting inspiration from other’s spaces, but I often find myself really falling in love with one statement piece of the room and loving it, but wanting to add my own twist to it. This series will consist of statement pieces that I’ve found inspiration from and curating spaces around those inspiring pieces. I will be sharing different rooms and styles for each design and I will link all of the products that I include in the design board.


This design for an entryway was inspired by the tranquility of William Stafford’s White Stairs. How beautiful and dimensional are they? I fell in love with their simplicity the moment I saw them. I really wanted to incorporate blue and white (of course!) as well as textured accents such as the bleached wood consul table and the whitewashed basket tray to add texture, but to keep the palate neutral so that the beauty of the art really shines. I don’t think a space is complete without adding a little greenery and those beautiful stirrup candle sticks are what dreams are made of. This design would go best in an entryway that is on the smaller size because the light colors and textures will not make the space feel too small.

William Stafford’s “White Stairs” | Consol Table | Garden Stools | Vase | Palm Leaf | Brass Stirrup Candlesticks | Decor Beads | Whitewash Tray | Palm Leaf Trinket Dish

I hope you enjoy this little design series! For more information on my design services please click here.



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