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Hi y’all!

I’ve been super vulnerable with sharing my goals lately on here and I don’t know if I have shared this so openly with you guys yet, but my biggest goal for 2018 was to start a blog to share my home and style with you all. It has been such an exciting journey after starting this in April after a 6 month social media hiatus. My hiatus taught me a lot about the impact of social media and in a lot of ways it made me so grateful for this platform and it allowed me to live with more intention in my daily life.

When starting this blog I had 6 month goals of growing my following on instagram to 1,000 followers and posting once a week. Life happens and sometimes we don’t make our goals! I don’t have 1,000 followers and I took a long break from posting on this platform because, well, I was uninspired and unmotivated and I didn’t feel like I was adding value to my readers. All of this being said, I have reset my goals for this platform and I want to share them with you:

  • Create engaging and aesthetically beautiful content 3x a week on instagram
  • Post 1 blog post a week
  • make $100/month with affiliate links

You may be wondering why I’m sharing a $ value on here. I believe in full transparency and in my about me page it clearly explains that by shopping my links I get a % commission at no extra cost to you. I want nothing more in life but to create a beautiful, meaningful home and to be fully present to raise incredible children with my husband. My vision for this space is for it to grow to be able to provide a small income for my family so that I can work a flexible schedule and raise my babies (in plenty of years down the road).

My promise to you all is that through those goals of mine, I will provide an encouraging and inspiring place on social media for you to explore home design inspiration and beauty and style tips. I know you’re reading this and thinking… I thought I was going to be looking at the recent things you bought on amazon. Yes! I’ve linked them below and given my review/why I purchased them, but I also wanted to share what you can expect from me.

This Makeup Removing cloth is a huge game changer for me! It’s $20, but the best stocking stuffer or secret santa or treat-yourself gift you can buy! It’s microbial and exfoliating and reusable instead of purchasing makeup wipes that add up to $20 easily. It’s also really good at taking off eye makeup- the trick is to get it a little more than damp, hold down over eye lid for a few seconds to loosen up mascara, then gently wipe makeup off!

I already have these pajamas in navy, but I wear them so much that I decided to purchase them in black as well. They are made out of bamboo- the fabric is really similar to the “piko” tops that were so popular. Buttery soft and so luxurious for pajamas. They look JUST like the Eberjey pajamas that are $150 a set while this set is under $30! These PJ’s are the perfect gift for someone- I’m getting them for my Mother in Law for Christmas because she commented on how much she loved them!

I have seen this Natural Calm drink all over the internet and decided to give it a try. I got SO many messages on instastories when I shared that I was trying it to share my review of it. It is a must have! I take it when its deemed unacceptable to drink a glass of wine, or when I just need a little pick-me-up. I love the Raspberry Lemon flavor and I’ve even found it to replace my sparkling water that I am addicted to AND I get much needed Magnesium for my body. Magnesium actually helps with thyroid issues which is basically the gateway to your entire endocrine system AKA everything that controls your body from mood to metabolism and gut health. All things we struggle with and it helps reduce cortisol (stress) levels. You need!

Darryl Carter, as I have mentioned before, is one of my favorite designers. He speaks to my traditional soul and mixes it so well with a modern feel. With traditional pieces it can feel “frumpy” really easily and I find he does the best job of balancing them with a minimalist touch. His book, The Collected Home, that i just purchased speaks to how over-consumerism is the death of individualism in the home. I could go on all day about how a “well collected” home takes a lifetime to “complete” and a home isn’t and shouldn’t be all ordered from a catalog. I’m not saying don’t consume- obviously I am posting on an Amazon haul, however, you will notice many pieces in my home are sentimental and can not be linked because I’ve purchased them from a small antique shop.

I’ve shared on my instastories lately that I am really making a conscious effort to cut gluten and dairy out of my diet. Before I moved to Florida, I followed the Paleo diet and I felt the best and my gut health was the best it’s been my entire life. I started drinking a smoothie every morning to start my day healthy! I just repurchased this Pea-Based Vegan Protein in the Peanut Butter flavor and it’s the best protein I’ve found that helps to keep me regular and tastes SO good.

If you haven’t heard of these eyebrow razors then I’m here to tell you, they’re amazing. I can’t take credit for all of the various bloggers and youtubers sharing the benefits of shaving your face with these razors, but they are the best. I use them once a week and I find that my makeup goes on smoother. I use highly-potent serums for my face and I want to get the best results with my investment and by using these. My skin absorbs more of the nutrients than when I exfoliate. This is my 10th time repurchasing them!

Last, but not least, Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite, completes my “must haves” for my coffee table book collection. I have had a list of coffee table books that will add value and inspire me on my list for awhile and I’ve slowly purchased all the ones except this one. I’m so excited to finally have my little inspiration library somewhat “complete” for right now. If you’re like me and love beauty in a very simple way, this book is the perfect addition to your home and it’s like chopping your own wood, it will warm you twice! Buying coffee table books warm you more than twice because anytime I feel uninspired or I just need time to unwind- I pick up whatever book is speaking to me at the moment and flip through it and immediately feel inspired to create.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Amazon haul! Please leave me a comment or send me a message to let me know if you liked this. I would love to share what I bought on Amazon on a monthly basis!



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