My Christmas Wishlist


Gold Initial NecklaceCharlotte Tilbury Lipstick | Marble Tray | Luxurious Shower Oil | Luxurious Hand Cream | Timeless Style |  Boujie Robe | Barrel Aged Candle | Drunk Elephant Babyfacial | Blue and White Planter |  New Running Shoes | Joe Malone Perfume | Tea KettleVitamixWelcome Beads

Alton and I are actually deciding to invest our money into experiences and things that we can both enjoy together, however, I wanted to put together my Wishlist for you to give you an idea of what I am eyeing at the moment. I included a few items that I am eyeing for our home, some kitchen appliances that I have been wanting, and some luxury beauty things that I’ve been coveting.

I am a sucker for delicate gold jewelry and as you know I’m absolutely obsessed with my babe Winnie. This Gold Initial Necklace in W is at the top of my list and is 14k gold and will last forever as a reminder of my love for my first baby.

I don’t wear a ton of makeup and I have my holy grail products that I stick by but this Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick has been on my splurge list for a while now. The color “Pillow Talk” is just a perfect classic pink for the timeless lady.

From the moment we moved in to our new apartment, I’ve been slowly putting together a bar for us. This Marble Tray is exactly what I’m looking for to create our bar on the consol table. It’s real marble and a great price!

This Luxurious Shower Oil is one of my favorites and it’s a little bit of a splurge so I always ask for it as a stocking stuffer so that I can keep it in my shower, especially in the winter months. I have severely dry skin and this is the perfect cleansing shower oil to keep my skin hydrated and bonus that it smells decadent. You can’t buy the shower oil without adding in the Luxurious Hand Cream. It is the best hand cream and I keep this on my nightstand all year because my hands get so dry that they peel (gross, but true).

You know my Christmas List wouldn’t be complete without a design book. Timeless Style by Suzanne Kesler is a perfectly curated book for the classic home. As you know, I am a sucker for the classics.

You may live under a rock if you haven’t heard of Lake Pajamas. They are the softest, most boujiest, luxury pajamas that are cotton. This Boujie Robe is on my list because I live in my robe and when I’m drinking my morning coffee and flipping through my design book I need a robe that matches my level of fancy.

I don’t talk a lot about Alton’s decor “style” on here, but he and I actually don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to furniture and decor. He has a very industrial/modern/rustic style where I the elegance/classic/traditional style. This Barrel Aged Candle is the perfect marry of our styles and when we find something that we both like, it has to come home with us.

Justifying putting this Drunk Elephant Babyfacial on this list was a tough one, but I really tried to not limit myself. I treat myself, but that usually means eating lunch out or buying something $30 and under off of Amazon, not buying an $80 facial mask. I’ve heard so many wonderful things and my skin has struggled with the water in Tampa since I moved so I put this bad boy on here. Come through for me Santa!

While justifying an $80 facial mask is challenging for me, I will put $80+ Blue and White Planters on here all day! This one in particular is my absolute favorite and it isn’t my traditional darker blue and white, but a lighter blue with gold accents and if I get nothing else off this list, I may have to treat myself to this!

I don’t talk a ton about what I do to work out, but I actually teach Lagree Fitness and work out at Orangetheory a few times a week. I love staying active and I have a lot of strength goals this year that I set for myself and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, just in 9 months of working super hard on them. I have a pair of APL running shoes right now and they are super heavy and great for lifting, but not so great for running. I’m getting these New Running Shoes to keep my motivated after the new year.

I treat myself to a new perfume once a year and who doesn’t love Joe Malone Perfume? No explanation needed.

Alton and I often make tea and it takes forever to heat up on the stove top and it worries me to heat water up in the microwave. This Tea Kettle is one I’ve been eyeing all year.

I currently have a Ninja blending system and it works great for my morning smoothies, but I have been wanting to make more juices and this Vitamix is the best value to maintain my healthy eating!

Last, but not least, these Welcome Beads are at the top of my list. The seaglass adds color and texture as well as the beads themselves are traditionally a sign of peace for house guests.

I hope you enjoyed this list and took some inspiration for your own Christmas list, or added something to your gift pile this year. What’s on the top of your Christmas list this year?




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