Home Update: January

Hi y’all!

Flu season got the best of Alton and I this year. It came fast and it came hard and just like that I didn’t leave the house for 3 days. I love vignettes and I’m always thinking of ways to add furniture to create more space to style. Since I’ve been stuck at home I have been forced to re-evaluate every inch of our 800 square foot space. The dresser in our bedroom has never brought me joy, but it was free and it’s been in my family longer than I have. French provincial, while very beautiful, is not my style. I use it to store my clothes and to display my grandmother’s ginger jars and that’s about it.

I realized that I had a perfect place to change and add character and style so that I could fall in love with the piece. After all, I wear makeup and style my hair in the mornings to feel beautiful, so why wouldn’t I spruce up this tired old piece and fall in love with it?

I purchased this beautiful paper mache bowl from High Street Market, one of my favorite places to shop for decor. I added from fresh greenery that I trimmed from trees around our neighborhood. I always go by the rule of thumb that every room needs fresh flowers or greenery to add life.

I found this candle at Homegoods and I am more than obsessed. It added a neutral pop of color, which I love and it smells just like the Capri Blue Volcano candle. It’s a win win.

I still incorporated my grandmother’s ginger jars because they mean the world to me and they’re so unique. The painting of the front porch in the frame is her’s. Every summer she had the most beautiful red gardenias lining her porch. She was known to be a fabulous gardener and home enthusiast. It runs in our blood.

What places in your home need a little spruce up for you to enjoy them? Don’t underestimate what a little styling can do to a room.



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