Home Update: December


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Hey y’all!

I’m so excited to share the updates I’ve made to this tiny corner of our apartment! It has been bare since we moved in and I had a vision for a beautiful china hutch or an antique buffet to display a mini bar! Alas, I have been talking the talk about paying off our debt and saving for a house, but I haven’t been walking the walk. My dreams went right out the window when I realized that the desire to fill this corner would have no return on investment for our future. I often lose sight of the big picture of my monetary and time investments for instant gratification. What is a woman to do?!

With all of the Black Friday madness I was so proud of myself for resisting the urge to buy anything. Until, Alton and I stumbled upon this beauty at World Market. In our defense it was something we could both agree on (first time for everything) and it fit perfect in this little corner. We also scored BOTH of these baskets for $15!

I’m sure you noticed I only included the picture of half of the console table and that is because the other side is completely blank. I made the commitment that I wasn’t going to go crazy and buy all the things I wanted for the bar at once. I will save up for the pieces I am coveting while putting money away and paying off debt because, well, adulting. On my insta-stories, I shared handmade paper art that I’m working on hanging above the console on acrylic frames that we are DIY-ing. Please send prayers for our marriage.

I hope you enjoyed this little home update and what I’ve done with this corner for December. You can shop the pieces in the photo from the links above. Would you guys want a blog post on the DIY acrylic frames we are working on? Let me know in the comments below!



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