Tea With Salem #1

Hi y’all!

Introducing…. Tea with Salem. As I did a “brain dump” of all the things I envision this platform to bring to others one of the biggest components, that I feel is missing on social media and blogs in general, is a resource for personal development. I don’t know about you, but I am always striving to be the best woman, leader, wife, cat mom, friend, and blogger that I can be and I don’t just get there by not putting in the work. I have so many resources that I find inspiration or learning from and I love learning new things! The more I become aware of the tools available to me, the better I become. Once a month, I want to share with you all the resources I’m currently loving and how I am using them in my own life. I will share an intention or something that I am working on in my personal or professional life and the books or podcasts or even workouts that I’m using to help me develop.

DISCLAIMER: Although this will be a great post for resources and tools for personal development, I want you to know that while it’s healthy to always strive for better and greater for yourself, there always has to be a balance of appreciating exactly where you are. You don’t make great strides and you will never be a great leader without seeing your strengths and giving gratitude to where you are and all you have done to get to where you are. You have done so much already and half of the work is becoming aware to the the ways in which we can improve so take a moment to appreciate yourself before you get too caught up on all the ways in which you can improve. One cannot be without the other. 

Here are the resources I’m bringing to you for December:

My intention for December is to grow as a leader for my people in my career at lululemon and to also be more at peace with myself and the place I am right now. It’s not easy to see so much potential and want a house to grow creatively and emotionally and have to save and save to get there. It can feel a little like the wilderness- so this month I’m focusing on being at peace and finding the blessings in where I am- WHICH ARE SO ABUNDANT!

  1. Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead: I cannot emphasize how much I love Brene Brown. She is the most incredible, inspiring woman and I could list all of her books here and spend an entire year just focusing on her. I have read her books Braving the Wilderness, Daring Greatly, and the Gifts of Imperfections and I have listened to all of her Ted Talks and her podcasts on Oprah’s Soul Sessions. A little background on me, I studied Public Health in college and a lot of Health Behavior theory and completed a few research projects and it is something I’m still so passionate about, although I do not currently have a career in it. Brene Brown researches shame and vulnerability like no other and she shines a light directly on all of the things in which we humans hide deep in the shadows of our soul. I have always been a VERY vulnerable person, so much so that it was unhealthy at times where I would overshare and give everyone too much of me. These books gave me the tools I needed to understand what to share and how to have a balance for myself for my mental health. Leadership isn’t a title and everyone demonstrates leadership in one way or another and this book is everything and more to help you understand boundaries as a leader and how to invest your time into creating the type of atmosphere and relationships that are not only healthy, but fruitful. I’m not finished yet, but so far I am soaking it all in and I’ve grown so much as a leader from reading this.
  2. Jimmy Mack healing: This may be a little weird or out there, but take away what resonates with you and leave the rest. This is just my humble opinion and experience. Jimmy Mack is a Tampa local, however has resources available to everyone, everywhere. I have had multiple in-person sessions with him that you can also book in the Tampa Bay area here. After visiting him in person I read his book that helped me to clear my energy on my own and has really helped me release anxiety and restlessness. Simply put, Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual coach. He works by healing mental health using biofeedback. It’s really hard to explain what he does, but you can read all about him and even listen to his MP3’s which I have found so helpful. He has taught me so much about myself and helped me to find inner and outer peace, which is something I have honestly never experienced in my life. I’m still not perfect, but I “fish” at least 3x a week and I gain clarity of my path, my mind, and move toward peace and it has made me a better person for it.
  3. Although this isn’t necessarily a resource or tool for mental development, I consider my physical body personal development. I have struggled with loving and accepting my body for years, and I can finally say I’m at the point where I do truly love my body. Imperfections and all. I have really made the commitment and goals to gain strength in my body and push myself in my workouts this year which have given me so much pride and joy so far. I have noticed that although I’m pushing myself in my workouts I’m falling short in my diet. For December, I’m really focusing on cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet. I truly do not believe that there is a one-size-fits-all diet for everyone, because we are all so different, I have followed a Paleo diet for all of 2017 and I felt the best I have every felt in my body. I am using these resources to encourage me to get back in my Paleo groove so that I can feel the best and be the healthiest I can be: Against All Grain Cookbook, Ultimate Paleo Cookbook, and Practical Paleo.

As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

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