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Today, I wanted to share with you what I have in-store for our bedroom! Most of the furniture I have in there was either inherited, like the nightstand and dresser that have been in my family longer than I have, or given to me, like the timeless desk that my sweet friend Amanda gave to me when she was preparing her guest bedroom for her baby’s nursery! One of the rules I set for myself when I shop for furniture or decor is that everything must have a purpose and an intention. I love that I can walk into any room in my apartment and smile when I think of the story of how I got a piece of furniture or decor. It keeps me in alignment with honoring my space and the things I bring into it.

After all at, it isn’t the things that fill our space that matters, its the expression of ourselves that the things in our space reflect back to us.

My intention for this bedroom is

T I M E L E S S  S E R E N I T Y

Timeless because I want to be able to cherish the pieces I bring into this spaces no matter where we move or how my design evolves. Serenity because we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That means 1/3 of my life will be spent in this room. I want to be comforted by whites and neutrals with a little texture and pattern to add contrast and spark joy.

Here is what I’ve got planned for the next few months as I transform this space piece by piece:

Taupe Sheets, Overside Mirror, Timeless LampsPatterend RugCowhide Rug,

I can’t wait to see this room to its fruition! These pops of blues and neutral textures will pair so well to the wood tones and white pieces I have.

Do you have intentions for the spaces of your home? What is your favorite story behind your furniture?


Salem Brieske

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